Early in 1993 our company commenced a Quality Assurance Program with QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES, a division of STANDARDS AUSTRALIA.

This meant investing thousands of dollars, a strong commitment by Senior Management, and close monitoring of internal systems by our QA Manager and his team of assistants. We are pleased to confirm that in 1994 we became the first company in the weighing industry to achieve certification to ISO-9002 and we find our services in huge demand due to our unblemished high quality reputation in this area.

Our License Number is QEC 2180.

Quality Policy

Colonial Weighing Australia is a quality conscious company and specialises in the manufacture, distribution and service of general mechanical and electronic weighing equipment and systems.

It is the policy of Colonial Weighing Australia to operate a quality system that is both suitable and effective to meet both Company and Customer needs. The quality system is now based on ISO9001 and implemented using this standard as the guiding principle. This is seen as an important step in the continuous improvement cycle and Colonial Weighing Australia is committed to this program.

Colonial Weighing Australia's philosophy emphasises doing things right the first time, on time through continuous training and safe work practices which is seen as the best measure of both customer satisfaction and business performance. Colonial Weighing Australia's employees are encouraged to actively implement and improve all facets of this system.